Dr Alec McKinnon is offering a couple of Astronomy courses through Strathclyde University’s Centre for Lifelong learning.  It's hoped these would be interesting to ASG members and the public.  In the current circumstances they’ll be run online, using Zoom.
There are two courses, both six weeks starting 21 April:
Life in the Cosmos, 10.00 – 11.30
For centuries people have wondered if there might be living creatures in the Universe beyond Earth.  In this class we first ask, “what do we mean by ‘life’ anyway?” then look at the progress astronomers have made towards answering this question: the possibilities for life elsewhere in the solar system; the existence and nature of planets around other stars; the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).  We conclude by looking at future prospects for finding life elsewhere.
Astronomy as the skies get light, 18.00 – 19.30
As spring wears on, the nights in Scotland shorten very quickly but the sky does not lose its interest.  After reviewing the regular changes in the sky we take a look at: the bright constellations of spring and summer; The Milky Way; the Sun and the Moon; Northern lights and noctilucent clouds; meteors.  You will hear about the natures of the objects being discussed and learn how to see them for yourself.
Both classes are lecture style with plenty time for discussion and questions.  They’re most suitable for people with little to no previous knowledge. There’s a fee: £63 in both cases.  Enrol at https://mycll.strath.ac.uk/MyCLL/Classes?cid=148&cname=Astronomy