Periodically, the ASG Council sets up working groups in order to investigate specific issues, or to address more complex tasks.

As of October 2020, the following Working Groups have been formed, and the following Council and Society have been appointed:

ETMO Working Group

Dr. Andrew Conway (Lead)
Dr. Alasdair Taylor (Tech Lead)
Julian Gibson
Paul Makin
Jim Foreman
Eileen Gibson
Colin Robb
Sinclair Curdie
Henry Bryce-Smith
Ian Wylie

Social Media Working Group

Laura Stenhouse (Lead)
Colin Robb

Web Site Working Group

Julian Gibson (Lead)
Paul Makin
Dr. Andrew Conway

Constitution Working Group

Craig McNey (Lead)
Frank Conn

Newsletter Working Group

Chris O’Kane (Editor)
Lorna Napier (Editor)
Craig McNey

Treasurer Working Group

Jim Foreman (Treasurer)
Julian Gibson (Deputy)