Dr Queenie Chan answers questions after her successful lecture
entitled "Meteorites and the Search for Life", September 2019
Image: Paul Makin

The ASG's free public lectures for the 2022-23 session are as follows.  Some lectures can be watched again on the ASG's YouTube channel.

All lectures start at 19:30 and are held in University of Strathclyde, Royal College building, normally Room 6.41

Thursday 15th September 2022 Weird New Worlds
The Eric Tomney Lecture
Prof. Beth Biller, Personal Chair of Exoplanet Characterisation, Royal Observatory, The University of Edinburgh
Thursday 20th October 2022 The ASG's Eric Tomney Memorial Observatory
Dr. Andrew Conway, President, The Astronomical Society of Glasgow
Thursday 24th November 2022 The Pharaoh, the Stars and the Red Planet Mars
Mr. Chris O'Kane, ASG
Thursday 15th December 2022 Apollo 17
The John Brown Lecture
Mr. Robert Law, Mills Observatory / ASG, Dundee
Thursday 19th January 2023 The James Webb Space telescope: Performance and First Results
The Thomas Tannahill Lecture
Prof Gillian Wright, UK Astronomy Technology Centre, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
Thursday 16th February 2023 Members' Night Talks
Various talks by members of the ASG
Thursday 16th March 2023 Our Changing View Of The Solar System – A Personal Odyssey
Mr. Graham Young, Dundee Astronomical Society
Thursday 20th April 2023 Gamma-Ray Bursts from Colliding Neutron Stars and Black Holes
Dr Max Ruffert, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh
Thursday 18th May 2023 140 Years of Staring Into Space: A History of Coats Observatory
Mr. John Pressly, Observatory Officer, Renfrewshire Council

*This lecture was postponed to the next season because the speaker cancelled due to connectivity problems.

Further lectures, topics and speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.