The main objective of The Astronomical Society of Glasgow is to promote an interest in Astronomy. Membership of the Society is open to everyone; and all ages are welcomed. While the lecture program is free, its only a small part of what the Society offers. By joining the Society, all the extra benefits below are available.

  • Access to the Acre Road observatory twice a month from October through to March where you can use the computer driven 16" Meade LX200 telescope, and learn a little more about observing, and hopefully if the skies are clear see some fantastic views of some of the amazing sights the universe has to offer.
  • Darker skies observing evenings held at Mugdock Country part just outside Glasgow where we have slightly darker skies to observe under. Members bring along their own telescopes, and the Society's telescopes are available for members to look through. So if you're looking to purchase a new telescope, this could be the best way to try out many different scopes under darker skies and ask all the questions you want to from people who own the scopes!
  • Darker Skies weekend, held at Kindrogan Fields Studies Centre, outside Pitlochry, where some of the darkest skies in Scotland can be found. A truly fantastic weekend of observing, that is only available to members.
  • Monthly Newsletter

All these extra benefits are available with membership to the Astronomical Society of Glasgow. Membership costs £15 per year for over 16s, and is free for 16s and under.

Please download the PDF of the membership form, complete in BLOCK CAPITALS please (so that we can read your email address) and post with a cheque made payable to The Astronomical Society of Glasgow for £15 to the address on the form.  Alternatively, bring the completed form with payment to one of the monthly public lectures.

Members' only events are only visible in the ASG Calendar section once you have logged in.

Please be assured that the personal information supplied by you to the Society is treated confidentially and is used purely for administrative purposes and will not be disclosed to any third party. Also note that although membership for Junior members (16 and under) is free, we do still need a completed membership form so we can send you our Newsletter and membership card.

Photo by E Gibson

Photo by R Hill

The ASG either hosts or attends a wide range of public events during the year:

  • A varied range of Outreach Activities, including talks, solar observing during the summer months, and more general night time observing during the rest of the year.

Click on the links to find out more.

ASG Members have access to a broader range of activities and resources, including monthly newsletters, observing nights and dark sky nights. For the 2018/2019 session, we're also hosting an introductory astronomy course, and astrophotography training for more advanced users. To gain access to these events, you need to become a member.

1.0 NAME

1.1 The name of the society shall be 'The Astronomical Society of Glasgow', hereinafter referred to as 'The Society'.

1.2 On 19 October 1994, the International Astronomical Union approved the name GLASGOW for Minor Planet No. 5805 (originally discovered on 18 December 1985 by Dr Edward Bowell at the Anderson Mesa Station of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona), it being "named for the City of Glasgow and the Astronomical Society of Glasgow whose 100th anniversary is this year being marked by a civic dinner hosted by the Glasgow City Council". The approved name contains at its centre the Society‘s abbreviation, namely the three letters ASG.

1.3 The name of the minor planet was formally announced at the civic dinner on Wednesday 23 November 1994, the exact centenary of the founding of the Society. During the dinner, the President of the Society was presented with a suitably inscribed silver salver to mark the occasion.



2.1 The object of the Society shall be to promote interest in Astronomy by presenting an annual lecture series and observing programmes for society members and to engage with members of the public by organising outreach events.



3.1 Membership of the Society shall be open to all persons interested in Astronomy. The Council shall have discretion to withhold Membership. Life Membership shall be awarded at the discretion of the Council.

3.2 The Council may also award Honorary Membership to individuals who make a significant contribution to the Society. Honorary Membership will last for a period of one year and is subject to annual renewal.



4.1 The amounts of Annual Subscription shall be fixed by the Council, who will notify the Membership accordingly at the Annual General Meeting.

4.2 Subscriptions shall be payable to the Treasurer at the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society following the Annual General Meting. No one shall be entitled to the privileges of membership of the Society until their current annual subscription has been paid. Subscriptions shall be waived for those holding Life or Honorary Membership.



5.1 The Council shall be responsible for the business and activities of the Society and shall consist of a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and not more than eleven Ordinary Members. All Members of Council shall serve for one year, from one Annual General Meeting to the next. If any Council position becomes vacant for any reason, the Council shall have power to co-opt another Member to fill that position until the next Annual General Meeting. The Council shall appoint from among the Ordinary Members duly elected to Council two persons to be specifically responsible for Membership, and for Publicity. The Council shall have discretion to delegate other responsibilities as the need arises. The Council shall also have discretion to invite persons of distinction to serve as Honorary Presidents.

5.2 Any person who has occupied the position of President for two consecutive years or the position of Vice President for three consecutive years shall not be eligible for re-election to that position the following year.

5.3 At the Ordinary Meeting of the Society immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting, the Council shall submit a list of Members recommended by them to constitute the Council for the ensuing year. Any member of the Society shall be entitled to put forward additional names of Members, either at the Ordinary Meeting preceding the Annual General Meeting or in writing to the Secretary not less than ten clear days before the Annual General Meeting, such nominations requiring to be duly seconded. If no nomination for a position has been made, the Council has discretion to co-opt another Member to fill that position.

5.4 The president or, in his or her absence, a Vice President, shall chair Council Meetings. Otherwise, the Council Meeting shall elect a Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote. At Meetings of the Council five members shall form a quorum.

5.5 In the event that more than the required number of Members are nominated for any position, a ballot shall be taken of the Members present at the Annual General Meeting. The vote shall be verified by two tellers appointed by the Chairperson.

5.6 At the Annual General Meeting in April the silver salver referred to in sub-clause 1.3 above shall be on display and where appropriate, shall be formally handed over to the incoming President by the outgoing President along with the badge of office which was crafted by ASG member Mr Martin Donoghue and gifted to the Society by Mrs Margaret Morris during her Presidential term 1998 - 2000.



6.1 The Council shall be responsible for arranging all Meetings of the Society, which shall generally take the form of a lecture by an invited speaker. Advance notice of each Meeting shall be given, and a syllabus card containing the full programme shall also be distributed to members. Not less than 4 (Four) working days‘ notice shall be given for Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings. The Ordinary Meetings of the Society shall generally be held monthly from September to May, and one of them shall be designated the Davies Lecture, in recognition of the late Leon Davies and Eric Tomney’s bequest to the Society. The Council shall have discretion to arrange further Meetings at other times. All Meetings shall require a quorum of five members.

6.2 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May, for the presentation of reports, the election of the Council and any other competent business

6.3 An Extraordinary General Meeting must be called by the Council if the Secretary receives a written request, signed by a minimum of five members, and stating the purpose for which the meeting is required. Such a Meeting may also be called at any time by the Council.

6.4 The President, or in his absence a Vice President, shall chair all Ordinary, Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings. Otherwise the Meeting shall elect a Chairperson. The Chairperson shall have a casting deliberative vote.

6.5 The Annual General Meeting and any Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society are open only to Members of the Society.



7.1 An independent Examiner shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall examine the accounts for the ensuing financial year which shall end on the last day of March. The examined Financial Statement and Balance Sheet shall be distributed to the Membership a minimum of seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

7.2 If decided at an AGM or EGM, the Society is to be wound up or dissolved, the winding-up or dissolution process will be carried out in accordance with the procedures set out under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.  Any surplus assets available to the Society immediately preceding its winding-up must be used for purposes which are the same as - or which closely resemble - the purposes of the Society as set out in this constitution.



8.1 The Society shall be affiliated to the British Astronomical Association, with which it has historical links.



9.1 The Society is recognised by the Inland Revenue as a Charity for Tax purposes, and has been registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), who is responsible for maintaining the Scottish Charity Register, under Scottish Charity Number SCO 15035. The Society shall therefore conform in every respect to the legal obligations incumbent upon it because of charitable status, and shall thereby be entitled to the privileges and benefits of such recognition.



10.1 The Society shall each year award a prize to the best first year student at the University of Strathclyde, who shall either be from the faculty of Mathematics or from the faculty of Physics. The successful student shall be nominated to the Society by the University, and the amount of the prize shall be decided by the Council.



11.1 Notice of any proposed alteration or addition to the Constitution proposed by a Member shall be lodged with the Secretary fourteen days before an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. Proposed amendments cannot be adopted unless approved by a majority of the Members present at such meetings.

The Constitution was approved by the ASG Council on 28 October 1993, formally adopted as the new ASG Constitution at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on 20 January 1994, then amended to include sub-clauses 1.2, 1.3. 5.6 and 7.2, at the Annual General Meeting of the Society on 18 April 1996 and further amended to amend clauses 1.2, 2.1, 4.2, 5.6, 7.1, 9.1 and 10.0 when clause 3.2 was added at the Annual General Meeting on 19 April 2007 and at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on 20 March 2008 when Clause 5.1 was amended. At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on 19 May 2012 Clause 6.1 was amended and Clause 6.5 inserted.


21 Mar 2019

Members - remember to log in to read additional articles which are available to members only!

The ASG Council has roles and responsibilities as laid out in the Constitution. The Council meets regularly, and members may view the minutes of Council meetings.

The office holders for 2018-2019, and their assigned responsibilities, are as follows:

Julian Gibson

Society Webmaster (lead)
ETMO Working Group
PVG Representative
Outreach (various)
Acre Road Support
Constitution Working Group
ASG Telescope Custodian

Bob Hill

Vice President
Membership Secretary
Data Controller
ETMO Working Group 

Colin Robb

Vice President
Astrophotography Group (lead)
Acre Road Support
Outreach (various) 

Paul Makin

Vice President
ETMO Working Group
ASG Webmaster Support
Outreach (various) 

David Degan

Summer Outing Organiser
Kelvingrove Point of Contact
Roukenglen & RSPB Outreach
Society Supplies Buyer

Robert Hughes

Kindrogan Organiser
GSC Point of Contact
ETMO working Group

Henry Bryce-Smith

Ordinary Council Member
ETMO Working Group
Observing Section Visual Presentations

Alastair Clyne

Ordinary Council Member
Constitution Working Group
Social Media Working Group

Frank Conn

Ordinary Council Member
Society Publicity
Constitution Working Group
Outreach Support (Various)
Auchengillen (Scouts) Point of Contact
Hamilton Low Parks Museum Point of contact
Custodian of the Lecture Attendance Book
ASG Telescope Custodian

Andrew Conway

Ordinary Council Member
ETMO Working Group (project lead)
ASG Telescope Custodian

Alex Dumitriu

Ordinary Council Member
ETMO Working Group (hardware lead)
Society Deputy Treasurer
Society Deputy Webmaster
ASG Telescope Custodian

Craig McNey

Ordinary Council Member
Constitution Working Group (lead)
Newsletter Sub Editor (review)
Roukenglen Point of Contact
Acre Road Point of Contact (Univ. of Glasgow)
ASG Event Rota Contact

Lorna Napier

Ordinary Council Member
Newsletter Editor (joint)
Newsletter Distribution (Email & Postage)
Curator of Outreach Materials
Acre Road Support

Chris O’Kane

Ordinary Council Member
Public Relations Spokesperson (TV/ Radio)
Newsletter Editor (joint)
RSPB Point of Contact
New Lanark Point of Contact
Whitelees Point of Contact
Acre Road Support
Curator of Outreach Materials

Jen Toher

Ordinary Council Member
Facebook Moderator
Twitter Moderator
Roukenglen Outreach
Whitelees Outreach
Social Media Working Group (lead)
Society Supplies Buyer
ASG Survey Co-ordinator

Ian Wylie

Ordinary Council Member
ETMO Working Group
Acre Road Support