Mr. Rob Ince, former manager, Scottish Dark Sky Observatory

This month we are pleased to welcome Mr. Robert Ince, former manager of the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory (SDSO) situated in Galloway Forest Park near Dalmellington in Ayrshire and an ideal location for astrophotography.  I’m sure we will be regaled by many stunning photographs taken from SDSO in tonight’s lecture with the full title:

“Amateur astrophotography – how to capture starlight and do some science too...”

Rob’s lecture will introduce the equipment, currently used by, and available to amateur astronomers. The process involved in different types of observing and collecting of data and how amateurs can use their data to detect new objects such as asteroids and transiting exoplanets.  Although tonight’s lecture will be predominantly the tools and techniques of astrophotography, Rob will touch briefly on the benefits of dark skies and the obvious advantages to amateurs in their quest to do some useful science.

Robert Ince is a well known amateur astronomer and professional scientist having held the position of resident astronomer and manager of the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory within the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park for a number of years.  With a Bachelor of Science Degree from Sheffield University in Physics and Astronomy, Rob has worked for around 30 years in both the Defence and Information Technology sectors.  He is an expert in what is described in the jargon as ”energetic materials safety” ... but to you and me that means bomb explosions and the like! Rob has taken part in the Lockerbie bombing investigation and other defence based mathematical modelling activities involving various types of combustion.

Location : Room 6.41 Royal College, Strathclyde University.  Access is via the Montrose Street entrance, take the lift to Floor 3, exit the lift and take the 2nd set of steps on your left, go through the double glass doors.  Room 6.41 is on your left approximately half way along the corridor.  The lecture will be preceded by a social event with a chance to meet other members.  Biscuits, crisps and juice will be available from 6.45pm.