Tuesday 17th March - Stars Over the Botanics

Our 'Stars Over the Botanics' events are a chance for the public to come along and talk to some astronomers, and get the chance to have a look at some of the wonders in the heavens above. The events are ticketed, and are not free, however they are great value for money. We'll have a number of telescopes available for you to look through, all operated by our Astronomers, so you can be sure there will be something interesting to see. Whether it's the Moon, the Planets, or some deep sky objects, if it's there, we'll find it for you.

On the off chance that the weather is cloudy (or even raining), we have a programme of lectures and talks available, all in the comfort and surroundings of the Botanic Gardens' Kibble Palace. Using planetarium software, we can take you on a tour of the universe, show you the moon in fantastic detail, or show you some of the many phenomenon of the sky and sun like noctilucent clouds, sun dogs and parhelion.

So no matter whether it's clear or cloudy, it's always a good night. The events limited in numbers and entry is paid at the gate on the night. Arrive early to avoid disappointment as the evenings are always well attended, and are limited to the first 40 people to arrive.

Gate opens 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start.

Tickets, £4 (adults) & £2 (children).
A full wet weather programme will be available when observing is not possible.


Thursday 19th March 2015 - Lecture

Mascons, Maria, Mega-Impacts & Moon rocks: Geology and the face of the Moon
Dr. Simon Cuthbert, Lecturer in Earth Sciences, University of West of Scotland.  This is a joint meeting with The Geological Society of Glasgow.

Location : Room 6.41 Royal College, Strathclyde University.  Access is via the Montrose Street entrance, take the lift to Floor 3, exit the lift and take the 2nd set of steps on your left, go through the double glass doors.  Room 6.41 is on your left approximately half way along the corridor.


Friday 20th March 2015, 09:09 - 10:21 - Partial Solar Eclipse

On the morning of Friday 20th March 2015 there will be a partial solar eclipse visible in Scotland. Eclipse starts at 0909 UTC and finishes at 1021 UTC.

NASA's eclipse pages:




have further information.


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