Sun Over the Botanics - Sunday 28th September 2014

Our 'Sun Over the Botanics' events are your chance to see the surface of the sun safely. We bring along some special telescopes (Coronado PSTs) which are designed for looking at the sun, and allow you to see Sunspots, granulation and prominences round the circumference of the sun.

We also run telescope workshops at these events, so if you've got a telescope sitting in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust, and you'd like to know how to use it, or just get some help setting it up, then bring it along and one of our experts can talk you through your telescope and give you all the help you could need. We're more than happy to help, and will answer any questions you may have.

Just turn up on the day, and you'll find us next to the Kibble Palace if it's dry, or inside if it's not. (We hope it's dry but we can't control the Glasgow weather!)